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A few residing at the frontiers
ensuring the peace nd satiation
When the multitude is safe
Taking a nap at their nests
At several festivities
People enjoying with their adorables
Armed folks feeling homesick
With tears in their eyes
Numbness on their lips
Reminiscent about their own
The ones who are waiting for them
To return back alive or martyr
Tend to spread fraternity
Integrity and the oneness for all.
So they smile with a tender hope
To turn to their nestlings
Wish them they b the best
Special are they who tend to serve the nation.
Its all their sheer dedication
May they b blessed with love nd blessings!!

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Rohina Ratti


Punjab ,  INDIA

A feminist, a true citizen, innovative, self determined person and humanity my true religion above all religions of the world. A genuine person with genuine thoughts.. Author of two Anthologies : "Love - A Sweet Poison" and  "The Paid Eminence" . Author of Ruhai A Saga of Love, a collection of poems.. Pursuing Research work in the department of Gender Studies. 

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