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Dexter Finale...An awful ending...???

Dexter Finale...An awful ending...???

After eight seasons, finally Dexter ended kind of fitting way. I have certainly enjoyed every episode and even all individual moments. The very last episode “Remember the Monsters?” tied up all loose ends and tried to offer an ending to Dexter’s story, after all, a cold-hearted serial killer, that would come across as both satisfying and believable.

From the start, eight seasons ago, “Dexter” was a groundbreaking, often shocking series that called for the viewer to honor, or at least accept, a sociopath who channeled his urges as a serial killer for the social and his own good.

A lesson was learned by the time the episode ended, and that was that Dexter longed so much to be human that, by the time he became so, he lost that which he held dearest – and wanted he could go back to not caring anymore.

“I destroy everyone I love,” he said in a narrative voice-over in final episode. “I can’t let that happen to Hannah and Harrison. I have to protect them from me.”

Thus does the series end with no suggestion of how Dexter is handling his murderous impulses in this new Paul Bunyan setting. He receives no redemption, after his eight seasons of social deviancy. Just self-imposed exile.

Fans are already describing the finale as quite a heartbreaking letdown. For those of you who are name calling those who dislike the ending, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just like a book, song, quote, poem, movie, picture, etc. it is art. You relate to it, in your own way.

I completely understand the ending. I get it. It makes sense and on some level, I see why it went the way it did.That being said, it was rushed, it was broken, it was left too open... Ok, if they plan to continue it. If they don't, well then, what a major disservice to the fans.

From what I have gathered, the points the bashers are making is that those who disliked it, did not see some key points in the final episode. I saw them and in fact, is what made it possible to watch. However, I feel it was an easy way out... a poor excuse to tie it all together.

I actually liked the final episode, until the last 15 minutes. It made sense until then. Well, it made sense as it was, but again, did not hold true to the series as a whole. And for that, I'm sorely disappointed in how it ended and I'm not wrong or stupid or less of a fan, because of it.

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