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Kyoki Har Ek Scam Jaroori Hota Hai.......

Black Money ke liye jaise Swiss Bank hota hai,
Waise har ek Scam jaroori hata hai!!!

Koi Common Wealth ko bhi private banaye....
Koi 2G Spectrum ka Kingdom lagaye!!
Ek Iron Mines se sharing kare.....
Aur or ek Tere Budget mai Sneak in kare!
Koi Cricket mai Chor aur Host hota hai....
Lekin har ek scam jaroori hota hai.....!!!

Ek ghadi ghadi kaam aaye,
par kabhi kabhi munh khole.....
Ek kabhi kabhi kaam aaye,
aur ghadi ghadi munh khole.....
Nakali accounts ka hai koi satellite....
Koi birthday manaye day and night!!!
Koi God Mother ka bhi role karta hai...
Lekin har ek Scam jaroori hota hai!!

Anti Corruption Bureau ka Scam
Paise loot ke hotel banane wala Scam
Widow ke paise khane wala Scam
Jaanwaron ka khana bhi lootne wala Scam
Gin gin ke naam bheja roast hota hai....
Par har ek Scam jaroori hota hai, Yaar!!!!

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Abhaykirti Ramawat


Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

I am a student. Pursuing post graduation in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Ujjain (MP).  I am an optimistic team worker, friendly, flexible. A person with creative mind, who always wants to do something new and challenging work.

I have basic knowledge of photoshop and I am very much comfortable in working with net. I read books and write blogs. Other than these I take interest in Bicycling, Movies, Photography, Cricket and Making Ice Cream.

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