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The mood of this morning

Anything one does can be converted into an experience, a learning process and a highly satisfying effort... so what if it is only the making of a vegetable upma for breakfast!

It would be an understatement if I say that the upma this morning was a perfect creation! The ingredients were so finely balanced that one could not pin point what was that after taste that lingered on.. it was not the taste of ghee or ginger or not even the vegetables viz carrot or green peas or onions. Salt and chilly seemed to tango hand in hand with each beautifully balancing the moves of the other!! The vegetables were so appropriately cooked that one could get an identified taste of each of them and never felt they were under cooked.

What else can you call it if not a work of art where you see all the various elements so finely balanced and presented in such a way that none had lost its distinctiveness but without any sharp overhang!

This is almost like executing that third set of squat with say 150 Lbs on the shoulders and each of the 15 reps going smoothly like a dancing pose, with no jerk or tilt or loss of control. When you execute all the 15 repetitions with the same consistency in form, depth and intensity then one can clearly accept it as a fine execution just as a piece of fine art!

Its the same case when you write an article of say 1000 words. Getting each word speak to the reader with the same appeal, meaning and effect, whether it be in the opening para or the concluding one, requires a commitment to maintaining the perfection. To enable the reader to hold on till the last word with the same interest as he did with the first requires a work of art!

The common thread in all these attempts is that they require dedication, passion and a keen desire to create something new that leaves the creator with a sense of learning, experience and accomplishment!

With that enlightening thought I start the day of Vesak.

Nb: I forgot to mention that the upma was prepared by me and self certified as nobody was instantly available to validate the quality!! I consumed all of it thoroughly enjoying every bite and willing to make it for anyone wanting a taste of it

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A corporate manager for over 40  years with an all round exposure. Have had the good fortune of great bosses who unfailingly took the risk of trying me out with  new functional responsibilities  that I was neither qualified to handle nor had any prior exposure. This served as an excellent opportunity for learning and  the exciting process continues even as I am ready to retire! 

 Have bid adieu to formal learning process long ago but the quest  continues.

"Human beings" interest me the most .. the curiosity at observing and learning from fellow beings appears to be a key  driver at this stage of life. Would like to spend the rest of the days in making a difference to them.

Other interests include gymming, music, etc..  

Blogging seems to be a god sent opportunity to laugh at oneself freely and without any pretensions. It also provides an excellent route to introspection albeit a bit loudly!

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