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is that me

It was early in the morning around 7.30 and I was getting ready to go to the gym. As I approached the bed room window to close it, I sensed a sudden whiff of air near my ears. It was a small fly that came out of nowhere and flew to settle on the window. It stayed there for some time hitting the window glass violently as if it wanted to break it down! Or did it not realize that the glass sheet was a barrier?

I watched it almost mesmerized but had no clue how I could help it. I gently walked towards the adjacent panel and opened the glass fully so that it could fly out. And, the immediate rush of air from outside should have alerted the fly of the access to the outside world. But it took no notice and continued to move around the same glass frame in search of the exit route.

Was it blind? I was not sure!

I quickly clicked few images of the fly against the glass in different positions and kept hoping that it will fly out to freedom. However, it chose to fly inside and perch itself on top of the air conditioner. I was stunned but decided to quit and went out to the gym.

During the taxi ride to the gym, I was lost in deep thought! Did that fly manifest my position in life? Did it not represent my normal behavior?

The photo well captures the typical status of any individual. The vast blue sky presents immense opportunities for me to reach. It would appear from the image that the sky is almost within my reach… waiting for me to spread my arms and grab it!

But then I am like the fly banging against the barriers and fumbling all along totally blind to the open access to the outside world available at close proximity. I totally disregard or fail to notice the open window but spend all my energy trying to battle against the glass frame which shows unfortunately no inclination to respond and let me access freedom! I seem to be so blind that I ignore the obvious signs of exit route and the fresh breeze that flows in!! I am so busy lost in my battle!!

This is perhaps the normal life situation for many of us.

We battle against perceived enemies, restraints and blocks and waste all our life in that battle. We are so lost in that drama that we totally fail to see the options available to resolve the situation. We even start believing that the barriers are God’s will in operation and perhaps that’s how He willed it! It’s so easy to blame fate for our misfortune!

It is not that we do not see the opportunities available to us like the open skyline but we convince ourselves that it is a mirage and not meant for us.

Does this call for what the management gurus say an out of the box solution?

Singapore / 17 May 2014

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A corporate manager for over 40  years with an all round exposure. Have had the good fortune of great bosses who unfailingly took the risk of trying me out with  new functional responsibilities  that I was neither qualified to handle nor had any prior exposure. This served as an excellent opportunity for learning and  the exciting process continues even as I am ready to retire! 

 Have bid adieu to formal learning process long ago but the quest  continues.

"Human beings" interest me the most .. the curiosity at observing and learning from fellow beings appears to be a key  driver at this stage of life. Would like to spend the rest of the days in making a difference to them.

Other interests include gymming, music, etc..  

Blogging seems to be a god sent opportunity to laugh at oneself freely and without any pretensions. It also provides an excellent route to introspection albeit a bit loudly!

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