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On 01 May, Pakistani Armies BAT SSG Commandos infiltrated 250 meters on Indian side of the LOC , ambushed an Indian border patrol and killed and beheaded Naib Sub Paramjeet Singh of 22 Sikh Battalion as also Head Constable Prem Sagar of BSF. Soldiers do get martyred on battlefield and for Indian Army fighting the Pakistani sponsored proxy war since 1988 now this is happening every second day on the LOC in Kashmir. However beheading a soldier and mutilating his body is the worst crime that any country and its Army can commit. This truth is accepted world over. This is what Pakistani Army has done. This requires intervention at the highest level in India. No less a person than Shri Narendra Modi the PM of India and other top Indian leaders should have denounced this dastardly act by Pakistan Army. However even after a week having passed, except for the Army Chief Gen Vipin Rawat no other Neta appears to have bothered. Part time Defence Minister Mr Jaitley had mentioned the issue in passing otherwise business goes on as usual. This is happening when entire country and its population is angry.
A soldier who fights for his country and sacrifices his life on the battlefield for the better tomorrow of his countrymen takes the motivation from its leaders and people. Military History is replete with examples where small countries motivated armies have defeated much larger countries and huge armies. Cases in point are Vietnam defeating super power America in seventies and Israel running rings around 44 Muslim countries who consider it as enemy since its inception in 1948. Pakistani Army has dared to indulge in this act of mutilation three times after Kargil War because it knows that Indian response will be weak kneed. If we had acted strongly at the first instance itself politically, diplomatically and militarily they would not have dared to repeat it. It must be remembered that Pakistani Army is a political army running a 20 Billion Dollar business in their own country. They have been defeated in all four Wars they have fought against India. They will never fight us. Their fighting arm is their sponsored Jehadis.
It is time for Indian top leadership to introspect. Pakistan can be set right in no time if our political masters take advice from the Army and not from their coterie of IAS and IPS Babus who have no knowledge of matters military. Martyred Soldiers bodies cannot be allowed to be mutilated like this anymore. This will de motivate the armed forces if Nation and its leaders continue showing this type of apathy to their plight. Time for Indian Netas to wake up lest Army also starts giving excuses for not fighting. That will be catastrophe.

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After having retired from the very senior Rank of Brigadier in the Indian Army in 1997, which includes fighting both the INDO -PAK WARS OF 1965 and 1971,i have been a Journalist Free Lance.I write both in English and Hindi Media.My more than 3500 articles have been published till date in various National and Regional newspapers and Magazines.My book PAKISTAN ME UDDDAH KAID KE WOH DIN published by Rajkamal Prakashan New Delhi has been quite a best seller.

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