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What connection wild donkeys (Gadha) of Gujarat whom 15000 tourists every year go to Rann of Kutch to see, have got with the elections of UP? this only the netas of UP would be able to clarify, may be it is a case of birds of same feather flock together, nevertheless off late Gadha has acquired the centre stage in UP elections. In the election campaign in UP almost all netas instead of talking of local issues affecting the population and how if they come to power they will alleviate them are busy calling names to each other. The level of discourse in their rallies have come down to gutter level. Caste is also bandied about a lot and despite SC ruling against using religion in campaigning this game also is being played.
There were several issues that could have been taken up but the political worthies chose to give them miss. They engaged in political fisticuffs instead. Jibes came about rivals often in the form of bizarre acronyms. Rivals were likened to Rhinos, eunuchs, negative persons and scamesters.This goes to prove the limited brain capability of our netas and their immaturity. Of what worthy use these name calling and what have you to the voters? Answer in none. So why waste time and money in rallies if the discourse has to be on Gadhas?
It is ok that in election time politicians take swipe at each other. This happens in all democracies but there is a decorum which has to be followed. A point can be put forward very forcefully by using satire, sarcasm and wit which does not degenerate into name calling. Unfortunately our politicians lack that brain power. No wonder India is not a democracy but mobocracy.
It is time Election Commission in India ceases to be a tooth less tiger but given the powers to disqualify a candidate if he is found using communal slurs, gender insensitivity, castism and personal insults. Time we become a mature democracy. Another issue which needs immediate attention is the candidates with criminal background being fielded by various political parties. Basic qualification of a candidate must also be laid down including a definition of what constitutes a criminal background. Similarly now 70 years after independence it is time a political candidate is prescribed education qualification as minimum being a graduate.

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After having retired from the very senior Rank of Brigadier in the Indian Army in 1997, which includes fighting both the INDO -PAK WARS OF 1965 and 1971,i have been a Journalist Free Lance.I write both in English and Hindi Media.My more than 3500 articles have been published till date in various National and Regional newspapers and Magazines.My book PAKISTAN ME UDDDAH KAID KE WOH DIN published by Rajkamal Prakashan New Delhi has been quite a best seller.

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