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Recently announcing his Afghanistan policy, American President Donald Trump bereted Pakistan on its policy of running with hare and hunting with hounds meaning as a ally of Americas war on terror, Pakistan taking billions of dollars of aid including military aid from US, at the same time secretly pampering and sheltering those very jehadi organisations which Americans are fighting in Afghanistan, leading to large scale American casualties. Instead of closing ranks with America and forcing Pakistan to give up its nefarious activities, Russia and China have joined hands to provide all help to Pakistan against US.
Recently announcing his new Afghan policy, in which America has decided to keep its troops in Afghanistan and even enhance their numbers, American President Trump, unlike all other American presidents till date, has come down very heavy on Pakistan for giving shelter to the jehadi organisations operating against American troops in Afghanistan, like Afghan Taliban and Haqqani network and against India like Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish Mohammad. America has very recently banned Pakistan’s biggest bank the Habbib bank operating in America and has fined it also for terror links. America which has given Pakistan till date 30 billion dollars as aid, including military aid, has now cut it down drastically and made it conditional to Pakistan acting against Haqqani network and Taliban.US has also hinted that it will put sanctions against Pakistani officials having terror links.
Any other country then Pakistan would have agreed to American demands because they are not unjustified. These jehadi organisations, which Pakistan read Pakistani Army is sheltering are real threat to peace and tranquillity in Pakistan itself. Jehadi organisation Tehik-e-Taliban Pakistan has already turned rogue and is now killing Pakistanis in large numbers with their suicide bombings all over Pakistan. If Pakistani Army thinks that they will be able to control their jehadi organisations they are mistaken. Lot of them are not listening to even Pakistani Army. These uneducated and radicalised jehadis know only two thing, use of weapons and jehad. Now they are a major problem for Pakistan itself.
Instead of understanding the problem staring at Pakistan, After American president’s harsh words now the ruling elite of Pakistan and their Army is doing brainstorming sessions to chart out new policy towards US. They have now decided to reduce dependence on America. They say high level contacts with America will only be resumed after US acquiesces to assuage Pakistan concerns on US Afghan policy. The big question is why should America acquiesce ?Pakistan economy is in such doldrums that just to pay back their interest on the loans they have taken, they will have to go to IMF controlled by America for further loans.
In this scenario China and Russia the two veto power countries have promised Pakistan all help in all forums. It should be clear to Pakistan that neither Russia nor China will give Pakistan 9 billion dollars to pay back interest on loans they have taken. With oil prices down and various sanctions in place against Russia, its economy is also not in good health and China is not a country which doles out money without returns.
Even though Pakistani foreign minister Khawaja Asif has already done a pilgrimage to get favourable opinion against US diatribes from China Iran and turkey, the results are positive but not very encouraging. However one thing Pakistan has ensured that any sanctions from UN Security Council against Pakistan will be vetoed by Russia and China. Pakistan is also trying to rope in France and Britain but it is unlikely they will support Pakistan against US. However one thing stands out loud and clear that Pakistan will not change its policy of fighting proxy wars against India and Afghanistan. India must realise this entity and take necessary actions to become proactive in dealing with cross border terror as against being reactive.

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