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Smart home .

SMART HOME …An Introduction

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When you enter your house, pleasant lighting comes on, the roller blinds and curtains go up. The system selects your favourite music, movie, or TV channel. You don't need to nervously set the light level in the living room, surprised by guests , just press a button to change the scene .

When you leave your house…

after you've turned your key the alarm system goes on, the external blinds close, temperature is reduced, and all lamps and appliances switch off automatically. Nobody is at home, so why use up costly energy. And what would happen if water from an open tap flooded the house...? The system will automatically turn it off and calls you on Your mobile phone...That is home automation.

In 2003 the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) came up with the following definition for a smart home"A dwelling incorporating a communications network that connects the key electrical appliances and services, and allows them to be remotely controlled, monitored or accessed.”

A smart building controls the building’s operations .

smart homes are unit of smart cities .

including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and other systems.

Smart building reduces energy use, optimizes space usage and minimizes the environmental impact.

Green Building v/s Smart home

The green building would allow you to preserve most of the natural environment around the project site. The construction and operation will promote a healthy environment for all involved, and it will not disrupt the land, water, resources and energy in and around the building.


Green building should environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle from design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction.

Use of High performance Glass is very common in Green Buildings

Improve quality of life , Minimize strain on local infrastructure ,Improve occupant health and comfort ,Green buildings normally have smart homes within them , however retrofitting of smart home features may convert any house in smart home which may not be a part of green building .

civil construction Aspects of Smart home

} Civil construction quality is must to be maintained

} Architecture and aesthetic standard should be given proper importance

} Material used for civil works must be of international finish and standards

} Wiring most of the smart gazettes are connected to power supply , wi fi systems so for smooth operations proper concealed wiring should be done

} Proper space , headroom and accommodation for placement of smart equipments needs attention

} Energy saving can be achieved with use of high performance glass , thermo cool , quality finished interiors , smooth wall surface and floors

} Color scheme adopted for external and interior painting plays smart role in power savings

} Use of solar as well as wind power may be possible only if building is constructed in view of aspects of smart home to be developed .

} Orientation of building may use day light and temperature control inside the rooms

Technology Platforms for smart home

There are a wide variety of technology platforms, or protocols, on which a smart home instrumentation can be built. Each one is, essentially, its own language. Each language speaks to the various connected devices and instructs them to perform a function.

The automation protocol transport has involved direct wire connectivity, power line (UPB) and wireless hybrid and wireless.

• PLC: Power line communication, communication using existing mains wiring

• RF: RF, transmission using a high frequency carrier

• Twisted pair: High speed signals using cables with twisted pairs to protect the signals

• Infrared: Optical communication using infrared light

• Ethernet: Well established standard for high capacity communications


Availability of smart home products

} Many devices also come with built-in web servers that allow you to access their information online.

} These products are available at home improvement stores, electronics stores, from installation technicians or online. Before buying, check to see what technology is associated with the product. Products using the same technology should work together despite different manufacturers.

} Many new products are being introduced day by day …

Smart Home in INDIAN context

} Most of us are having smart phones , smart tvs ,computers with very smart configurations , smart cameras surveillance of our premises , smart washing machines , microwave ovens etc etc but how many of us are doing optimum utilization of these smart products ?

} The reason are ….

} Cheap manual power , absence of culture of smart uses , availability of ample of time , non reliable wifi signals and power supply etc etc

} Smart cities are taking shape now ,wifi connectivity is in multiple growth stage , competitive power supply system is to start … this is transition time for smart homes to take place in our society

} Our houses needs retrofitting to convert into smart home

} Many of us are now monitoring security of their property through video cameras

} Smart home equipment market is developing day by day , Amazon is selling number of products like wifi door locks , smart switches for retrofit, smart home kit , cameras , etc are easily available at a very reasonable price

} Change of mind set is required . We still deal in cash .

} we prefer to pay our electricity bills , corporation taxes etc in cash at window , instead of using online app …. It will take time and reliability feeling may only change scenerio

Most of Indians are having sweet home rather than smart home , where our mother , wife or any of family member anxiously wait for us to reach home instead of machines.

smart home world is not truly universal yet !

} how smart are a bunch of different devices all speaking different languages?

} Unfortunately, the smart home can be very stupid and often takes longer to set up than breathless advertisements imply.

} how you can build a smart home where everything works in harmony

} hardware and software makers are slowly catching on.

} only people of a certain age will ever appreciate how magical it is to tap a button and have video instantly beamed from smart phone to television.

} Going device by device automation is easier and cheaper, but can get messy and prove hard to upgrade . committing to one platform and hub is more limiting for now but may pay off later down the line.

} the truth is we’re not yet at the stage where everything in the Internet of Things speaks happily to everything else—that’s still a way off. No standard protocol is set ,cut throat competition among companies is the main hurdle which is to be dealt with .

} You can either automate a lot around the home, and control everything separately, or go through one central hub, and take what you get.

} How much does a smart home system cost?

} One of the most important criteria considered in the investment stage are, besides functionality, the ECONOMY of use. Investors usually only look at the construction budget forgetting the costs of future use of the system. In case of a smart home system it is worth it to integrate the lighting and heating. This requires only comparably small additional expenses.

Savings arising out of lighting control

In office buildings the savings provided by 'intelligent' light control are about 50-65%, and the costs of equipment purchased to provide these is returned after 3-4 years. In houses and apartments lighting besides its practical function also finds decorative uses and brings comfort - one will use a single group of lamps for 30-50 sq m of office spaces (which are switched together), and comparable residential space requires the use from one to even over a dozen different lighting circuits.

Savings arising out of heating control

} Heating only when required. Thanks to independent temperature adjustment for every room one can save large amounts of energy (over 30%). A part of the rooms in the house is used only sporadically, thus they can be kept at a lower temperature; most rooms are only used a few hours a day (when returning from work and on weekends). In a typical installation they cause thus great losses of energy due to unneeded heating.

} Thus saving in recurring energy expenditure is to a great extent .

} Rate of bank interest in different courtiers are quite different as 6% in India , whereas just 1% in USA , hence break even period may be different case to case , but larger the building / room size earlier is recovery .

} The comparison of both types of installations depends on the individual needs of the investor.
If we use a smart home system solely to control the lighting - one can safely state that it will be more expensive than a typical installation . However, if one includes the control of lighting, window blinds, heating, energy management as well as central and remote control - the smart home system is the simple and cheap way to inter connect them.

All functions of a smart home are controlled by smart phone

smart home 1.jpg

start making your home smarter now , it’s a comparativly new concept , enter , earn enjoy.

vivek ranjan shrivastava

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