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One thing I wish to read about is me.

Hola people so I'm up with a blog !This is what I always wanted to write about I've been collecting thoughts to engage in this topic but still it wasn't fulfilled still it's not, but doing something is better than doing nothing!

One thing I always wish to read about is me! I know this topic is quite bemusing but will clear your bemuses soon! I hope so!

Few months ago I attended a seminar,As it was a seminar whatever taught or told was much adaptable, they asked us about reading books they said you can be high( if you can guess in what sense )But you must be high on books be high on reading books! They said which book will you prefer to read or which human you would like to read about I was just murmuring inside that "Its me " myself I wanna read about me! Now the story begins.(not actually a story)

"Reading about myself" this selection wasn't made just  like that! Unless it was made after millions of thoughts. Reason behind reading about me (that's a tongue twister xD) so Reason behind reading about me was strong enough ! I want to read about myself ,I want to know about my past phases, I want to know, how I've been working. how I've been running ,how I've been playing in this life's merely game! I want to know, I want to know about my mistakes my opportunities most important I want to look after myself before looking at the world!

Reading about myself doesn't mean i wanna read about future or get some predictions no I  don't I still wanna live for my present! I want to experience the curiousness of future and well said your present decides your future! Now the fact is clear what I want to read about Neither present nor future just past! I want to know my history before knowing of others.

Studying history or past is important, now this is another fact again with an appropriate reason! Studying histroy is important because it allows us to see societal and old patterns of no one else but of us! As the saying goes"those who are unfamiliar with their history or past,are bound to repeat it" studying history allows us to build on our accomplishments and learn from our mistakes. Past or history  all puts life into perspective. History repeats itself, but if we study the successes and failures of the past,we may,ideally,be able to learn from our mistakes and avoid repeating them in future.

Still a question arises how?How can you read about yourself that you've to find yourself! Only you can find the way ! You're your own creator no one else is.... Whatever you're today is just because of your past! Look out for a way and bang on!
Well this was the first one. I hope you'll read it and try to understand what I meant. :) happy reading.
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