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Gender- a tag imposed by society

Pink for girl and blue for boy,; Her birth brings in sorrow and he always bring in joy.; It is the 21st century but the story goes on even now,; When will our minds grow.; Boys are not to ...

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I wish I could share some time with my mother,; But why does time change like weather.; My mother seems no more mine,; She has become a professional so fine.; I wish to sit by her and list...

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Questions gone unanswered

It is said everything has a reason,; And nothing happens before or after it’s season.; But why do certain questions go unanswered?; Why do some prayers go unheard?; Our heart is meant to p...

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The sailing ship of life

As we start the journey of life,; We learn ways to thrive.; We have shoulders to share,; Holding on to those for whom we care.; But as slowly we walk past the golden sands of time,; As ...

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The many facets of man

Man – a sea of vivid colors,; A blend of different aromas like that of different flowers.; He is born with a heavenly innocence,; No jealousy and no mood of revenge.; Slowly as the phases ...

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This is for my super star- my mom

Sunshine of my life; Just imagine the sky, without the sun; Or the cheesy burger, without the bun; Spring without flowers; And Paris without the Eiffel tower.; Oh! So dull, drab and bor...

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Unwritten Language of the Heart

An undefined feeling of ecstasy,; The unwritten language of the heart,; A feeling that brings contentment and glee,; Is what I call love!; A simple four letter word;; That has a meani...

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Advancing Technology Receding Mankind

They say it's the 21'st century; With all the inventions of Einstein and Marie Curie; Heading for a bright future,; a future, where none is secured; With the land all cleared for the indu...

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A Woman's Journey

There she stood laughing and giggling,; Completely unaware of what was happening. ; For life to her meant enjoyment and making friends,; As there was nothing to worry and get tensed.; Then...

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As the cold winter wind bids goodbye,; Comes in the sweet smell of spring,; As the old and bitter days die,; The new leaves unfold new hopes that they bring.; Animals all peeping from thei...

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Story of life

Life is like a mere cube of ice,; Which melts even with the slightest touch of love,; For emotions cannot be exchanged with any price.; For there is no prediction of the days, ; When you c...

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Unknown Shadow

This piece is dedicated to that great soul who taught me that life is much more beyond fullstops. It has it's own commas and exclamation marks. It all depends on us how we punctuate the paragraph call...

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Learn to live

Life’s too short,; Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness,; Always try and give your best,; Why worry about the ending,; Be happy with what god has sent and is sending.; Every struggl...

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Every night as I lie down; Secluded from the entire town; The townfolk seems to come to a rest; Birds in deep slumber in their nests; Kids all tucked up in their bed; The lively city tu...

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Friend-I miss you

Friends all around us; Are like……… ; Cotyledons protecting the baby seed,; A vacuum cleaner taking up all the dust,; Gums surrounding the milk teeth.; But all are not so fortunate to ha...

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Vanishing stripes

Empty barren land,; Bereft of trees and only dry sand.; The soft padded canine lingering around,; Heading for a future, that’s unsound.; Not getting adjusted,; To the new makeover of hi...

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Angshumi Dutta


Delhi ,  INDIA

Positive thinking is what I believe in....because we are what we believe.An ardent admirer of nature and a lover of literature.I live in Assam and I am a student of Ramjas college, Delhi University.I believe life is like a canvas. It looks dull and empty but if  we splash all the colours we have ,on it.... It becomes a master piece!!

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