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May we introspect a little

Finally the new rape law has been passed and hopefully will be implemented. Stalking has been made a serious offence. There’s a very thin line separating, the act of following with good intent and st...

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Those were the days

The tragedy in Allahabad on Mauni Amavasya during Kumbh mela this year has brought a host of childhood memories back to me.
In the Kumbh of 1954, the first one to be organized by Independent Indi...

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Why does our President not smile anymore?

I have been wondering for some time now, why oh why is our President not that pleasant affable, friendly and vibrantly expressive man as he used to be, when he was a minister? He looks so lonely and ...

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The invisible hand!!!!

Why don’t things happen the way I desire? Why do I always have to be a pawn in someone else' design for my day to day life? And who is that sadist designer who derives pleasure out of our discomf...

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MARRIAGE - for better or for worse.

Education is meant not only to widen people’s outlook of life in general and increase one’s awareness in particular, concerning society, surroundings and the world we live in, but also to be more pati...

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Changing Face of education in India - Higher Education Commission

The report of ‘The Committee to advice on Renovation and Rejuvenation of Higher Education’, chaired by Prof Yashpal, was submitted in 2009 within a year and few months of its being formed. A lot of ap...

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Changing Face of Education in India - The National Knowledge Commission

The adage, “Education is that which liberates”, is as true today as it was at the time of its formulation. Education also means knowledge through learning and learning need not be time-bound, or regio...

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The unusual taxi driver

A chance conversation with the Metro Taxi driver made my day. Having been unwell for some time I did not wish to drive to our friends’ meet and availed the services of Radio Taxi. Contrary to my expec...

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Republic Day in childhood meant dressing up in one’s best and going to school early in the morning to witness the flag hoisting by the Principal. The better part of course was after that! All students...

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Pristine Binsar

In spite of being born and brought up in Allahabad, I was unaware of Binsar, the hill station of U.P. which now comes within the newly carved state of Uttaranchal, till the son of our friend told us a...

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Then and Now

Our transition from school to college and then to the university was absolutely seamless. It now seems to have been a natural corollary after clearing the higher secondary. We never ha...

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Then and Now

Past is past; It never comes back; Is that good?; Or is it bad.; Some memories are such that one always wishes them to return. Those who are now pushing fifties and sixties and see more o...

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White pigeons

Some Photos taken from my bedroom window

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Phir se aao Hanuman

Kyun Lanka ko jalaya tha?; Kyun Ravan ko haraya tha?; Aaj to jeet raha hai shaitaan; Roz jal rahey hain Raam ; Roz ho raha hai Seeta ka apmaan; Aaj phir kyun ho maun ? ; Bigar raha s...

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A Vision At Night - My version of Leigh Hunt's poem

As I on a winter night slept shivering in my bed; Surprised was I with sudden heat ; That made my heart to glow; Lifting up a timid eye to view what fire was near

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Vandana Bagchi

Home Maker/Housewife

Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

Born and brought up in Allahabad. Educated in Allahabad and Delhi. Taught in various reputed schools in Delhi, Mumbai and Shillong. Now enjoying retired life in Bhopal

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