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Belwa is the first child centric and torture free model village of PVCHR

In 2000 PVCHR started its work in southern ghetto of Belwa village where mostly people from other backward caste (OBCs) and dalits such as Patels, Mushahars, Kohars, Lohars and Nuuts resides. The vill...

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Learning of the struggle against hegemonic masculinity

WE (PVCHR) heartily welcome the order given by the Hon’able Supreme Court of India as published in the various newspaper that, “Daughter-in-law should be treated as a family member and not housemaid, ...

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Right to participation of children in democracy

For the establishment of real democracy need to be establish from childhood through right to participation at various levels, process, policies and action related to the children by the children.

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Impact of testimonial therapy and folk school on the survivor of Torture and Organized Violence

Impact of testimonial therapy and folk school on the survivor of Torture and Organized Violence
Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi and Ms. Shirin Shabana Khan
The Republic of Ind...

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Change is possible: We can

'Testimonial campaign contributes to eliminate impunity for perpetrators of torture in India'

“We have decided that when we would be successful in getting justice, then we would put up the photo of my younger brother in the home. Now our prime objective is to bring fore the police brutalities ...

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City commitment against torture and organized violence in Varanasi
Peoples' Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) and Danish organization Rehabilitation and Research Cen...

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Testimonial therapy -A pilot project to improve psychological wellbeing among survivors of torture

INTRODUCTION: In developing countries where torture is perpetrated, there are few resources for the provision of therapeutic assistance to the survivors. The testimonial method represents a brief cros...

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Shirin Shabana Khan

Social Workers/Philosopher

Uttar Pradesh ,  INDIA


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