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Laws of Existence

Everything in the world comes to an end. This law applies to every living or non living object, situations, processes, systems etc. Nothing survives this law.
While the law appears draconian by n...

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Sab Maya Hai...

I take this opportunity to attempt an explanation of the world around us using the concept of Maya as advocated in our ancient scriptures. It goes like this-
Everything around is a manifestation ...

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Caste Based Census

The decision to include caste in the forthcoming census is another step moving towards the proportionate system of governance in India. Over a period of time this would completely replace meritocracy ...

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A couple of years back my classmates of school days came together and formed a Google group on the net so that we could all stay in touch with one another. It started with a motley group of fifteen gu...

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Who will enforce the Judgments of the Courts

The lone survivor of 26/11 attack, Kasab will face verdict today on what is said to be one of the fastest concluded trails in the country. But as a cynic, I hardly have hopes that the Union of India w...

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Voices of the Soul

Rider: Anything which is stated here is a mix of philosophy and self experience and is free to be debated. Logic better than what I propose, is most welcome. Statements made herein could be situationa...

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Moral Science

If we go back to our student days, many of us would remember that Moral Science constituted one of the least interesting and boring class of the school curriculum. In fact, it was treated as one ...

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