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Proverbial Phoenix of Sorts

Somewhere in her was a screech, all pent up to squall out. Her eyes were searching for an ear. Not just any ear, an ear that has a heart of gold, only the kind that she grew up around.
An unknown...

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Pursuit into the Microcosm - My Mind

As I open my eyes and close their physical peripheries, the blink of eyelid slides me into yet another dimension. An unknown and an unexplored expanse.
The transition from a provincial precinct t...

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Only Oasis I Love, to Believe

Through the curtains of smoke, I caught his expression ; To stand by me or to just be a bystander, is his dialemma ; A stranger in my life, yet one who made me smile about myself; Wonders hap...

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Journey of Hope To Just be.

The roof above me ceases and I see the emergence of a planetarium of star-studded expressions and words. Performing to the astral tunes of freedom.
The romance between mind and heart to delicately...

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The Unpardonable Pervert - A Soliloquy

In the loudness of silence and the fortitude of loneliness, I am making the most sensible soliloquy.
For a start, the audiences were many; natives say ‘voices in my mind’. The moderator and the ...

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The True Drama Behind The Theatre-Drama

“Was that a silence or the loudest cry from her? ; Are those eyes or windows to uncanny dimensions?; What is she trying to say? Or am I trying to read too much?; Will there be a smile from t...

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What kind of a woman are you?(Tale of two women questioning the values of modern women, officially)

“A new colleague has walked in today morning” exclaimed Arpita to her girl band – Veena, Suma and Smrithi.
“Yes, of course, we all have eyes” smirked Raji with a wink in her eye. She was just jo...

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Brother ( notes straight from the heart of a sister from earth to her brother, in heaven)

Brother, the world has changed quite a lot ever since you departed as the purest form of protection I know of you towards me...
Brother, I have been searching like a child who searches for her mis...

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Herd mentality

Cricket and Bollywood still continue to be two strong religions in India. As about religions, there are two big loopholes in understanding some facts as facts. This is because we fail to see science a...

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A tribute to my spiritual master, my raison d'etre !

I sequester myself to stay in your piquant province; Invincible to fear and fret, submissive to your voice; I offer genuflections in your laudable life size canvas; For my every dawn is kisse...

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Odyssey into childlike innocence !

An uncanny deep desire awoke oblivion of any possibility or veracity
Yet so possible in the seamless subconscious inviting me for that coveted plunge
To thread the odyssey of childhood holding...

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Coffee, conversation and confessions!

“Wow, it has been twelve years since we met”, exclaimed Minu seeing her friends in excitement.
“Yes, can’t believe it, pinch me”, said Shilpa with an element of surprise in her voice.

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Many of life's failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up - Thomas Alva Edison.
The biggest pollution of all times is thought pollution. This is a ubiqui...

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About The Author


Dr. Radhika Jonnalagedda


Andhra Pradesh ,  INDIA

For you: Unleash yourself, cleanse yourself and this is better done after you transport yourself and dance in unison with the harmonic tunes of your creative prowess.
 As a kid, the first thing that came to my mind after  I woke up was to write, express and explore...myself, my mind and its supreme captain, my soul.

Li'l about me: Research fascinates me so much so that I it has become the nucleus of my career, informal research about vagaries of human behavior :) will go as long as my cognitive processes cease to operate, let them go on. Touch wood !! :)

Sorry about the Bday info, it bugged me and I 'bug'ged it !!

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