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Friends Forever.

You promised “friends forever”,; Together till the end.; We did everything together,; You were my best friend.; When I was sad, you were by my side.; When I was scared, you felt my fear...

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As every drop from the sky touches the earth,; I feel the pain a mother feels at birth,; Its not about who did it first, its not about who did it first.; It flows through my veins, I cant use...

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Here Comes The Winter

Here comes the winter again,; With love, affection and care.; The chilly days and nights; Are back again to make you feel; the warmth in cold and the light in dark.; Here comes the wint...

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The Rains

I stare out of the window,; I look at the trees so tall,; I look at the garden so small,; I look at the flowers so colorful.; I feel the breeze that blew in,; I feel my hair dancing slo...

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An Undying Hope

When I sit by the phone staring at it helplessly!; I feel crazy...knowing that you would never call…; I feel helpless…and out of wits!; When my face turns sad and people ask!; I get emotio...

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A Lesson

You said you'd always be there ; But you're nowhere to be found ; I can't believe you left me ; I feel so low beneath the ground ; There's nothing I can do now ; I trusted you with all ...

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