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एक दस्तक ममता की दर पे

; नन्हा सा बच्चा था; छोटी छोटी ख्वाहिसे थी ; गोद में बैठकर चाँद को बुलाने की बात ; बर्फीली रातों में, लोरियों की आगोश में ; सो जाने की बात -- ; काश सुन लेते तो ; आज देर हो चुकी ह...

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Muse Of Poetry

Muse of Poetry; The day came to an end; Everything became still; Sweeping the cobwebs of thoughts; That littered my mind; I tried to sit among my friends---; The old magazines.; T...

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Awakening; Like palm trees standing face to face in rows; Shall we remain silent, motionless; Exchanging messages in chirping of sparrows,; How long?; Shall we remain indecipherable til...

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The Swing Of Emotions

The Swing Of Emotions ; ; How sweet my emotions are; How swiftly they carry me; Across the smoky valley of imagination; Onto the azure sky of my dream land; Like the lofted ball of...

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SOLACE; Chaos & chaos every where in the world.; Cries & screams overlapping each other in the environment.; Myriads of unanswered questions growing up in heaps.; What to do then?; Can ...

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The Unseen Bridge

; The Unseen Bridge; Feelings are the iron oars; Poetry is the unseen bridge; That joints the hearts; O! Seekers of integration,; Please do not call it; By words of assurance; ...

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Jindegi ab bhi tahal rahi hai sadak par

जिन्दगी अब भी टहल रही है सड़क पर ; ; ; ; बतादे कोई मुझे की चाहिए और कितनी बूंदें ; आशुओं का पैमाना भरनेके लिए ; चाहिए कितने ग़म ; महेफिल-ए- शायरीकी जमने के लिए ; ; जिन्दग...

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मैं नारी नहीं हूँ सिर्फ ..........

मैं नारी नहीं हूँ सिर्फ; एक दिल भी हूँ भावनाओंसे भरा ; भरे हुए सागर मे उछलती लहर हूँ ; कभी गरजती कभी खिलखिलाती; सिस्कियोंको पीकर; मिट्टीसे बादल तक; सबसे दोस्ती निभाती हूँ ;

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Woman; W --- Wonderful & wild; O --- Organisation of bitter & sweet emotions; M --- Manifested for healthy upbringing of humanity; With an; A --- Adorable personality; To communicat...

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About The Author


Kalyani Manna

Home Maker/Housewife

Orissa ,  INDIA

I became a housewife even before I became a major. By that time I had only completed my Pre-University & was in the Ist year. Marriage put a stop to my academic career & when I again wanted to résumé my studies the system had already been changed. So I had to appear privately for my I.A degree followed by a five year lull. By the time I took admission in the B.A classes I had become a mother with two kids. But by the grace of God Almighty, I passed with distinction in Philosophy. Then again after a gap of seven years & after Rashmi’s birth I took admission in M.A classes to study English literature.


I also sing & had play- backed for several dramas, staged in our home town, Puri. I love to read, listen to old Hindi film songs & ghazals. I write poetry in Odiya, Hindi & English. I believe that most of the violence & turmoils that are happening all around us are due to our petty selfishness & intolerance. Our youth are in need of solace & must be given a patient hearing to their grievances, both real & imaginary.


I have strong faith in God & in His doings. I see His hands behind everything that happens to me. Him with me I fear nothing.









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