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Love you till eternity...

Anand stared at the wide expanse of green pastures, the beautifully blossomed trees and the picturesque countryside landscape which brushed past his field of vision with the speed of the bus he was tr...

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Vineeta relaxed in the rocking chair in her small balcony, appreciating the beautiful rain drizzling from the heavens. She had always loved rains. They seemed to sense her mood. They seemed to reflect...

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On the eve of life...

They sit together on the beach, side by side, facing the vast expanse of the sea, watching the breathtaking sunset. He looks at her, she keeps looking straight ahead at the fierce orange ball.

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Double crossed

He should have been happy today. It was after all a big day. It was his wedding day. He got married today. Of course, he was happy. Avika was a beautiful girl, well educate...

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Letters from Aroop

; “Dear mommy; How are you? I am fine. I miss you so much. ; Life is going on fine at my end. My new work place is nice. I got lots of praises for my presentation last week. My b...

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A taste of hateful love pudding

First crush

“Good morning doc”. I looked around. A surgeon, in his operation theatre gown, complete with cap and mask, was addressing me. I knew a new surgeon had joined our hospital. But I didn’t know him person...

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The mystery of 'HighRise'

Medha looked out from the window of her livingroom. It was a hot October afternoon and the road was deserted. The scorching sun made it impossible to go outdoors. She was g...

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I long for a holiday...!

I long for a Holiday…!; When I have loads and loads of work; Especially the kind that makes me irk; I keep looking for something to make me perk; And from th...

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When was the last time...

When was the last time; I chitchatted with a friend, lost track of time,; And later went home and called her; Just to ask if she was fine…; When was the last time<...

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Short story - Rasika

by Dr.Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi
Neela was busy with her morning chores. She had just seen off her hu...

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About The Author


Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi

Public & Government Service

Maharashtra ,  INDIA

I am Dr.Ketaki, an anesthetist by profession and writer by passion. My debut novel, "Those enchanted four and half years" is a medical college campus lovestory. My next novel 'The missing connection' which is a psychological thriller has been launched recently.  Few of my short stories have been published on sites like induswomanwriting, shortstorybook, Muse India, writers cafe, Your story club, Litizen etc. Besides writing, I love reading, travelling and playing casio. My husband, Dr.Aniruddha is also an anesthetist and we stay in Mumbai with our cute little daughter Isha.

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