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The Tirade

I was jet-legged and tired and hungry when I landed John F. Kennedy airport in New York. Though I’m fond of good food especially the non-vegetarian fair, but due to my deep seeded religious beliefs, I...

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I got a Motor Bike

Baba wrote the first comment in one of my books ever written by him; when I was to embark on the longest journey of my life, joining medical school. By then I had acquired a bit of intelligence to und...

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Tango with Tiger Cubs

Looking at a tiger in his natural habitat; the jungles, roaming freely is a treat to the eyes. It’s altogether quite a different experience than seeing a tiger in a cage. It sends a shudder down the s...

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है आखेटक !; मत सहमो तुम_; दया - याचना नहीं ; न ही उत्सुक्कता है ,; बस एक मटमैलापन है -; इन आँखों में..; देखो, आओ पास _; कोई नाखून नहीं हैं ,; दांतों का तीखापन ; कब का हुआ ति...

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एक याद

तुम चले गए, ; स्वर रूठ गए .......; सीमायें तोड़ गए सपने,; बंजारे हुए गीत सारे ,; अब अंधियारों की बस्ती में ,; ख़ामोशी ही ख़ामोशी है .; अब दृष्टि की ऊचाई तक -; ख़ामोशी है, खालीपन ह...

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Evolution of AIDS

(This article is predominantly scientific in nature but it can nourish some enquiring brains. It is an attempt to highlight that nature is not a benign event and life is not preordained phenomenon. Pl...

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MOOD DISORDERS AND DEPRESSION (Causes and Consequence: The Preventive Approach)

Depression; a term for a mood of sadness and gloom, that occurs as a response to troubled life circumstances, is today one of the most frequent chronic conditions in the general public; indeed a gift ...

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Cancer can be Prevented and Cured

(Today is Cancer Survivors Day)
Cancer is the second most common cause of death after Coronary Heart Disease; but much more agonizing and traumatic to the patients and their families in face of a ...

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A Thought not in Stride

“The terse litany of a medical report could never capture the drama of a patient’s illness and death. Although all physicians have tricks for maintaining enough emotional distance from their patients’...

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Court Decision on Ayodhya Dispute is Postpone for Eternity

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has postponed the Allahabad High Court Verdict to be delivered till 28th of September 2010 and has admitted the petition to defer the judgment. It has issued notice ...

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एहसास की दस्तक

अंजुरी में नदिया_ ; केसरिया शाम ,; जोगन हवाएं _; गुमसुम अनाम !; आवारा बंजारा _; यायावर रातों में _; जागा सा रहता है ;; स्वप्नीली आँखों में _; किस पल आजाएँ_; हंस उतर धरती पर ...

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Blown out of Proportion

The farmer in the nobles & stories of Munshi Premchand is no more a tortured soul. He has become smart and cunning without any formal education. The “ Heengwala” from Afghanistan in the story of Smt....

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युद्धों के मलवों से उठतें हैं प्रश्न, और गिरते हैं हम !

युद्धों के मलवों से _; उठतें है प्रश्न _; और गिरते है हम !; जीवन सन्दर्भों से ; टूटते , जुड़ते प्रश्न _ ; नैतिक अवमूल्यन की ; टूटती शिराओं में _; अनगिनत घायल _; कुलबुलाते हुए प...

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An Appeal To All The Bloggers And Commentators

Dear All,
I have just come out sparing a few minutes from my tight working schedule to appeal you all that I came to know that I have offended the sentiments and sensibilities of many of you by my...

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Thank You Mr. Glad?

It will be my sheer indiscretion if I fail to heed the visionary wisdom in advice of Prof. Lakhotia.
And I will be more than ungrateful not to respond the call from a large hearted friend in Anura...

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शाम, शहर, सड़क, झील और आदमी

साँझ उतरी झील पर चुपचाप _; तिमिर के पतवार हाथों में उठाये ;; शहर डूबा शोर में चुपचाप I ; यह सड़क पहुंची यहाँ तक किस तरह ?_; किस तरह पहुंचा यहाँ तक आदमी ?; क्यों नहीं देतीं हवाएँ दस्तकें ...

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Blogger's Park Magazine: August 2010

Brilliant in patches but misplaced priorities are eye catching. Editing is sincere but awe inspired by names. Better than a college magazine but yet to achieve the professional perfection. And it is s...

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Farrokh: The Victim of Medical Quackery

Farrokh Amin was a computer wizard and a faculty in the department of computer science in National Technical Teachers Training Institute (NTTTI), Shyamla Hills,Bhopal. He was the first post graduate d...

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अपनी बिटिया से ____

तू सोई तो -; सुबह सो गई ,; तू रोई तो _; सिसक सिसक कर ; मोती झरकर ; रात रो गई I ; तेरे नन्हें अधरों पर ; बिखरी मुस्काने _; देख ,; सूर्य की उजली आभा ; हुई...

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The Funny Side of "Drug Trials" ; Humor in Medicine

(Due apology is solicited from all those who do not enjoy humor in real life situations.)
Minoxidil hydrochloride was found to have potential anti- angina properties in lab studies. After collecti...

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I am a medical professional studied, practiced and taught medicine in India and USA.

Presently, working as a Consultant in Advanced Medicine in Bhopal ( India)

Like reading and writing (ocassionally).

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Shrivastava


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