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Chopper Crash

In one of the most tragic times of Uttarakhand floods, comes the news of Chopper crash, since the day of Tragedy these selfless soldiers of IAF, Army aviation and pvt chopper pilots have been pushing ...

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Our new breed- Silent & Forgetful

Tragedy after tragedy, rapes after rapes, murders, mass killings, fake encounters, we react react to them, all of them. But our reactions are just like a small ouch. Nothing more nothing less. We read...

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I have become controversial in the media community- Madhu Trehan

Madhu Purie Trehan, a veteran Indian journalist, known for always doing something different, is also a founding editor of the leading Indian news magazine India Today. Her latest offering is the ‘wa...

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Love U Daddy

Happy father's Day Daddy,
I am missing you so much, with Bhaiya in a far away land, you are my responsibility aren't you. But I cant reach you when i want to, when you forget your important papers...

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Is Suicide the only way out? A discussion.

A boy drank acid n died due to bad marks. A girl burnt herself 95% because her family denied her to wear short dresses like her friends, she died 3 days later. A married woman came in front of a train...

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Who can forget the still hummable song ‘Purani Jeans’ of noted singer Ali Haider. Though he belongs to Pakistan but according to him music knows no boundaries, here he tells us his story.
You wi...

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Is Our Honesty being taken for granted? A discussion

Major Maoist attack on one side, IPL scandal on the other, with killings, rapes and murders, becoming an everyday affair. I very strongly feel that we Indians are very naïve. Most of us. Wehave been f...

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I did my best ....

Two decades full of adjustments and tests,; I never looked back and did my best; For the moments of anxiety, anguish and pain; I had my God's shoulders to put them on rest; Still why are s...

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Request to all Bloggers

It is my humble request to all our esteemed Bloggers to please actively participate in blogging, commenting and having nice written conversations. It will make us all more bonded and we'll get to know...

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Dont wait for Apple to fall on your head- Ganesh Natarajan

Ambreen Zaidi speaks to Ganesh Natarajan Vice Chairman and CEO of Zensar Technologies, Co Chair of National Knowledge Council and also the member of Chairmen’s Council of NASSCOM, few excerpts:

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LBT in Maharashtra

Implementation of LBT, Local Body Tax, ha brought the entire Maharashtra to a standstill. Last month traders went on a two week long strike, leaving the citizens in a flurry. This time again they are ...

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Karnataka- An open discussion

While campaigning for Karnataka elections Narendra Modi had very confidently declared that the results will be the prediction of 2014 elections and that he'll ensure that his party wins pan India. I w...

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Sorry Sarabjit #RIP

News of Sarabjit Sign's death ofcourse didn't come as a surprise since he was already brain dead and was on ventilator. But it has grieved the entire nation. He was a trespasser claimed as a terrorist...

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How will the govt work?

With almost continuous adjourning of Parliament by the opposition party, for one reason or the other how will the govt work? Don't the senior leaders of all the parties realise it? They are harming th...

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Where are our women Bloggers?-THREAD

Over a period of time, I have noticed that many of our female bloggers are neither writing nor commenting. whats wrong girls?? We need you, come back soon with all your glam, glitter and glory...........

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S.Y Quraishi is a former Chief Election Eommissioner (CEC) of India. He speaks to Ambreen Zaidi on elections, youth affairs and much more. Few excerpts:
AZ: You championed the cause of putting a ...

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Problem in posting Blogs

Dear Members,
I have received mails, complaining of error in posting the blogs. I would request you to post it through Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Your blog will be immediately posted. The...

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What is our final destination? I often ponder over tthis questtion! I have no answer to it, still seeking….. If it is death then why do we get into the whirlpool of studies during our childhood, job/m...

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"Tears of a Foreign student motivated me to start Symbiosis"-Dr SB Mujumdar

Prof. (Dr.) Shantaram Balwant Mujumdar is the Founder, President and Chancellor of Symbiosis International University. He was awarded the Padma Shri in year 2005 and Padma Bhushan in year 2012. Today ...

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What Kind of a 'MARD' are you?

Recently, Bollywood actor, Farhan Akhtar, started a online campaign called 'MARD" which stands for " Men Against Rape & Discrimination', it aims to sensitize the public at large against the rising cri...

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