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Governing India's breaucracy

Governing India’s bureaucracy
By Ashok Coomar
Some recent developments have exposed serious issues Involving India’s top bureaucracy which implements the government’s policies from top ...

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Talking of Today's Soldiers : Tomorrows Veterans

Talking of Today’s Soldiers ; Tomorrows Veterans; By Maj Gen Ashok Coomar; The success of team efforts is essentially a function of mutual trust and faith. Faith is the hallmark that defines...

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Talking of Novelist Chetan Bhagat and Logic

Talking of Novelist Chetan Bhagat and Logic; By; Maj Gen Ashok Coomar, Veteran; 18 Aug 2015; Dear Chetan,; I refer to your article titled “Tark Ke Adhar Par Karen Faisla” that appeared ...

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The Simple Truth about One Rank One Pension

I take the liberty of posting an exhaustive article by Air Marshal SY Savur, a former AOC-in-C, on a topic that continues to trouble the armed forces veterans community on account of a misinformation ...

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Talking of One Rank One Pension Its Grant and Ethics

Talking of One Rank One Pension; Its Grant and Ethics; By ; Maj Gen Ashok Coomar (Retd); September 9, 2015 ...

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Talking of India's Great Misfortune: Sagging Morale of the Armed Forces By Maj Gen Ashok Coomar

Talking of India’s Great Misfortune: Sagging Morale of the Armed Forces; By Maj Gen Ashok Coomar (Retd); 06 August 2015; A number of articles written by eminent armed forces veterans have rec...

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It is time to act, Prime Minister

Those who do not learn from past are condemned to live it!
Ever since sensational non-sense published by the IE, to rubbish the army, there have been condemnations of disclosures by t...

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Wise men move with the wind

As we pass through a critical phase when UPA II has lost much of its credibility due to virtual paralysis in governance, when most politicians and bureaucrats are having a free run in doing what...

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The Thursday slap

Predictably, the same theme was dominating debates on almost all the TV channels – how dastardly was the act of Harvinder slapping Sharad Pawar and in what a grave danger our parliamentary d...

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Vanraj, the real hero!

A silver lining in the dark clouds of Indian horizon
I hope you saw Vanraj, the school teacher, on Kaun Banega Crorepati IV on October 13 and 14, 2010. Hailing from a remote village in Gujrat...

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Are we indeed a Sovereign Democratic Republic?

As hungry, ignorant and emaciated masses of India grappled with life and its unending problems, independence struggle gave them a hope of a better tomorrow. They readily extended unqualified suppo...

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An Indian version of a good old story

Old Story:

The Ant works hard in the withering heat all summer building its house and laying up supplies for the winter. The Grasshopper thinks the Ant is a fool and laughs & dances & play...

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Tribute to a simple soldier

A Poem Worth Reading; by anon; He was getting old and paunchy; And his hair was falling fast,; And he sat around the VFW,; Telling stories of the past.; Of a war that he once fought ...

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THE FEAR OF AUDIT By A N Suryanarayanan Even today, the Army fears the annual visit by auditors.

CGDA’s website says ‘audit-department’ existed pre-1748 for the three Presidency military forces. I have found historical evidence. The capture of Gwalior fort on a 200-feet-high scarped and isolated ...

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A layman's dilemma

There are numerous sensitive issues on which I want to have a considered opinion but my opinion keeps changing depending upon who am I reading or listening to. The more sensitive the issue, the le...

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The real threat?

I reproduce below an e-mail that I received today. Read and decide for your-self.; Breaking at 22 April 0130 hrs IST:; ; Brazen Maoists fire upon Dantewada, 3 other CRPF camps; ; Shiv...

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Another straw on the Camel's back - An attempt by print media to 'class-divide' the Army

Referring to a Parliamentary Committee report tabled in the house recently, an editorial appeared in Statesman dated Mar 9, 2010 severely criticizing the delays up-to three years and lowering of the t...

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Maoists versus the Police - Perception of a veteran

It will be recalled that in mid-January this year in a daylight attack by the Maoists on the Eastern Frontier Rifles (EFR) camp at Silda, West-Midnapur, twenty-three security personnel had been killed...

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Know how your government treats armed forces personnel - serving and retired

Peeved by the VI Central Pay Commission award and its implementation by the government, armed forces were very much disappointed but being familiar with government’s disposition towards them were...

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Journalistic ethics

I refer to my blog titled "Thanks CM" posted on Feb 26.
I wish to share it with my fellow bloggers that I had also sent an abridged version of the above mentioned blog to HT Bhopal edition for pub...

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