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My Experiments with Happiness

Can we be happy on a continuous basis? How can we attain and sustain a tranquil mind? Is it possible for us to develop a simple routine that can keep us charged throughout the day? Can we prevent stre...

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The Happiness Mantra

The Happiness Mantra; Everyone wants to be happy. Here are some simple happiness mantras:; • Every morning, do yoga and meditation – or walk and exercise.; • Dur...

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Buddha: The Ultimate Happiness Guru

Generally, it is believed that the Buddha was a pessimist who preached misery. Nothing can be farther from the truth.
Buddha had great compassion for all beings. He saw their misery, felt de...

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Anapana Meditation: Mindfulness of Breathing

Anapana meditation is simple, pure, and pristine.
“Prana” means breath. “Ana(prana)” is the breath that comes in and “apana(prana)” is the breath that goes out. Both put together and shortened fo...

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Vipassana Meditation: All You Wanted to Know About the 10-Day Retreat

Vipassana is an ancient technique of meditation discovered by the Buddha more than two thousand and five hundred years ago. It is non-sectarian and open to people of all colour and creed.
The 10-d...

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You Too Can Be A Buddha!

Every person seeks happiness, peace and harmony. But often stumbles upon misery, stress and dis-content. Then, starts a journey. Each one takes a different route.
The most common route leads to a ...

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Vipassana Meditation: Taming Monkey Mind

“Vipassana means seeing things as they really are. It is the process of self-purification by self-observation.”
S N Goenka
Vipassana is one of India’s most ancient meditation techniqu...

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Happiness Department in Madhya Pradesh has Teething Trouble

It is sad that the first meeting of Anand Vibhag, the proposed Happiness Department of the Government of Madhya Pradesh in India, was not a happy one and is drawing flak from ex-bureaucrats on the soc...

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A Paradise of Love, Laughter and Happiness

A little paradise of love, laughter and happiness exists on this planet.
A bunch of lovely ladies gather in the evening for exercise, yoga and laughter in a community hall. During the weekend, th...

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Suggested Outline for Happiness Department in Madhya Pradesh

I am happy that ‘Anand Vibhaag’ (Department of Happiness) is finally taking shape in my state Madhya Pradesh in India. A meeting to chalk out its outline is being held in Bhopal on 10th August 2016 un...

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Remembering My Gurus On Guru Purnima

Today is Guru Purnima.
Guru is the one who shows you the path and takes you from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge and wisdom. Purnima is full moon.
Today is a special day to rem...

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Department of Happiness, Government of Madhya Pradesh, India

Madhya Pradesh has become the first state in India to get a ‘Happiness Department’ (‘Anand Vibhaag’ in Hindi) within the state government apparatus, according to a report in the Times of India. The ob...

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Exuberance, Happiness and Serenity

Goa, April 8 and 9, 2016.
Locale: exotic – the Lalit golf and spa resort. Team: thirty top officials, including the CEO and the CFO, of one of the busiest airports of India. Objective: goal settin...

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East Meets West

On this holy day of Holi, i announce the birth of the Indore Gharana* of Happiness..
It is a blend of the best of the ancient east with the modern west, after years of maturing in deep, seasoned, ...

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i teach happiness

my quest for happiness has been fun..; i read Confucius, Buddha, and Aristotle..; savoured chocolate, wine and good company..; was a laughter professor for some time..; dug deep into behav...

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Can Humor Cure Tumor?

Five years ago, Desmond Nicholas, a brave cancer survivor based in Melbourne, visited Indore and stayed with us. I have very fond memories of Des. He was a rather quiet person for an Australian but ha...

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Relax & Recharge in 10 minutes

YOGA NIDRA IN A SITTING POSTURE; If you remain busy during the day, and feel fatigued any time, this, very short, guided relaxation is especially designed for you.; ; Sit comfortably for a w...

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Do you wish to transform your house into a Temple of Love, Laughter and Happiness? Would you be happy if your friends visited your ...

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Exercises That Will Make You Happier

I suggest some exercises that will make you happier. Try the ones that you like. You will feel happier. Repeat the exercises that work for you periodically, and you will feel still happier.


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Life Turning Skills

Gloria Bartusch travelled all the way from Frankfurt to Indore to stay with us as a home guest and learn the life skills of laughter yoga, happiness and well-being.
It was an intense week of shari...

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Jagat Singh Bisht

Social Workers/Philosopher

Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

Laughter Yoga Teacher, Happiness Coach, Author and Blogger.

Worked with the State Bank of India.

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