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Deepika  Padukone
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Deepika Padukone

(Cinema/Entertainment/Fashion) Mumbai INDIA
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Deepika Padukone: This Diwali's special    "A s a child back home in Bangalore, I would wake up in the morning, light diyas, decorate the entrance of our house with rangoli and wear new, traditional clothes. It was a time to catch up with friends and relatives. We'd run to the terrace of our building and light firecrackers and look forward to mom's traditional Mangalorean sweet dishes. This year is special for me because it's the first Diwali in my new home. I am very excited and have decorated the whole place with diyas and candles. You know, the names of everyone in my family -Prakash, Ujwala, Anisha, and Deepika - all are different words for light. My parents are coming down to visit me. I am also looking forward to my mother getting me the traditional sweet she makes herself. It's a ritual. She makes the sweets, packs them in gift boxes and sends them to all our friends and relatives. Everyone looks forward to that mithai box from her. Diwali is also a time when I binge on sweets. I don't go overboard, but I love motichoor laddoos so I definitely plan to gorge on them. I am not into card parties or bursting firecrackers though. As a kid I would burst them, but as you grow older and get environmentally-conscious, your perceptions change. We plan to have a small puja in the new house on Laxmi Pujan day. I will also invite a few friends over who I haven't met in a while. Recently, during a trip to Delhi, I picked a few ethnic dresses from some designers I love. I plan to wear them for the festive season. I love waking up early in the morning on the first day and getting into a colourful dress. The atmosphere is so lively and positive. I wish everyone loads of happiness, peace and good health. I think Diwali is synonymous with positivity and embracing everything that is good. I hope everyone has a safe and prosperous Diwali." source: TNN
Deepika 's City : Mumbai
Deepika 's Country : INDIA
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