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Rahul  Gandhi
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Rahul Gandhi

(Politician) New Delhi INDIA
Power News
99% terror strikes have been prevented, says Rahul Gandhi    BHUBANESWAR: Asserting that the government had promptly responded to the Mumbai serial blasts, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Thursday though 99 per cent terror strikes in the country had been prevented due to vigilance and intelligence, the aim is to achieve 100 per cent result. Conveying condolences to all families affected by Wednesday's blasts, the AICC general secretary said the UPA government had promptly handled the situation and has been working in the right direction to tackle the menace. Due to effective vigilance and surveillance, 99 per cent of the terror attacks in the country have been contained, but the government aims at checking the menace by 100 per cent, he told reporters here. However, it is difficult to stop every terror incident even though the country has improved by leaps and bounds in combating the menace, Gandhi said. "It is something we will fight and defeat," he said. Reminded that there was no terror attack in the United States after the 9/11 strike whereas India often faced the menace, Gandhi said the Americans had been facing attacks in other places like Afghanistan. (PTI)
Rahul 's City : New Delhi
Rahul 's Country : INDIA
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