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Government of Australia
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Government of Australia

(Federal/State Govt. / Local Govt./Govt. Bodies) Canberra AUSTRALIA
Power News
Australia launches anti-whaling drive    
Australia unveiled on Monday a multi million dollar scientific research programme aimed at persuading Japan that it is not necessary to kill the mammals in order to study them.

Australian Environment Minister Peter Garrett unveiled the AUD 4 million (USD 2.58 million) programme on the eve of the whaling season in the Southern Ocean where Japanese whalers annually cull hundreds of the animals for scientific research.

"Australia does not believe that we need to kill whales to understand them," he told reporters in Sydney.

"Modern-day research uses genetic and molecular techniques as well as satellite tags, acoustic methods and aerial surveys rather than grenade-tipped harpoons," the former Midnight Oil rocker said.

Japan has conducted so-called scientific whaling since a moratorium on commercial hunting in 1986. The country kills hundreds of whales a year in the name of research, with the meat nonetheless ending up on dinner tables.
The funding for the Australian programme, part of a AUD 6.15 million package of measures, will be used for research and scientific partnerships with other nations -- including Japan -- which will be invited to join the non-lethal research programme.

The package also includes money to develop commercial whale watching in the Pacific and an independent assessment of Japan's whaling programme.
Garrett said the Southern Ocean Research Partnership would be an international, multi-disciplinary research collaboration that would focus on using sophisticated scientific techniques to research whales.

"We want to see a scientifically driven engagement with these beautiful animals, not the large-scale targeting of these animals for killing so-called in the name of science," he said.

All International Whaling Commission (IWC) members had been encouraged to collaborate in the partnership, which conservation group Greenpeace said will expose the "farce" of Japan's whaling program.
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