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Ok   Sori
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Ok Sori

(Cinema/Entertainment/Fashion) Seoul KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
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Sori Top Korean Actress Sentenced for Adultery    

Ok So-ri, top Korean actress, who admitted having an affair with a singer, was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for two years. Her husband Park Chul pressed charges against Ok Sori for sleeping with another man. Ok Sori however is saying that the situation is extremely unfair and that her cheating is Park Chul's fault. Ok Sori stated that she only had sex with Park Chul about 10 times since their marriage 11 years ago, which in her mind obviously proves that the marriage was dysfunctional. She also stated, that Park Chul would always come home late and drunk after attending room salon's and massage parlors. Hence, "as a woman, it was impossible to not cheat." Unfortunately, Ok Sori has no hard evidence, while Park Chul supposedly has sex photos as well as receipts of gifts that Ok Sori gave to her two lovers.

"I would like to say I'm sorry for stirring up such a controversy," she said. The court near Seoul gave her lover a six-month suspended sentence.

Ok, 40, had been trying to overturn the law which criminalises extra-marital relationships.

Her lawyers argued: "The adultery law ... has degenerated into a means of revenge by the spouse, rather than a means of saving a marriage."

But South Korea's constitutional court ruled against her case in October, saying society would be harmed if it overturned the law.

Although it is rare for adulterers to be sent to jail, prosecutors had called for Ok to get an 18-month sentence.

South Korea introduced its adultery law more than 50 years ago to protect women, who then had few rights in a male-dominated society.

But critics say it is now a draconian measure no longer fit for a country with an advanced civil and family court system.

Ok 's City : Seoul
Ok 's Country : KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
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