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Government of Kerala
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Government of Kerala

(Manufacturing & Production) Thiruvananthapuram INDIA
Power News
Kerala court against sari-clad women riding two-wheelers     

The Kerala High Court made a unique request to the central government - it asked whether a law could be framed that would bar sari-clad women from travelling on two-wheelers to avoid accidents.

This observation was made by a two-member division bench comprising Justice Ramachandran Nair and Justice V.K. Mohanan on Friday, Aug 22, while hearing a petition filed by a woman called Susamma over compensation for a road accident.

In the past few months, Kerala has seen many road accidents involving women travelling by two-wheelers as their sari pallu (end) gets stuck in the rear wheel.

The court has asked the central government to look into the matter because the Motor Vehicles Act is governed by central laws.

The court also stressed that only two adults and one child could travel on two-wheelers.

Government of Kerala 's City : Thiruvananthapuram
Government of Kerala 's Country : INDIA
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