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Mohammed  Ajmal  Kasab
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Mohammed Ajmal Kasab

(General) PAKISTAN
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26/11 trial: Kasab's latest, wildest flip-flop    On Friday, Ajmal Kasab took his own flip-flops and his testimonies to a whole new level, claiming not just that he was never involved in the 26/11 attacks, but that he was arrested 20 days before 26/11 - while visiting Mumbai with his friends to watch a movie. Two days after the prosecution closed its case, the attention shifted once again to Mumbai carnage's lone gunman Ajmal Kasab. As the special court in Mumbai started recording his statement under section 313 of the CrPC, Kasab said things that ranged from the seemingly improbable to the thoroughly laughable. Kasab told special judge M L Tahaliyani: "I came to Mumbai to watch movies. I came 20 days before the attack. I was arrested from Juhu Chowpatty, released on the evening of 26/11, and then implicated in the case."
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