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Baba  Ramdev
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Baba Ramdev

(Academic/Science/Research) Dehradun INDIA
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Baba Ramdev Spreads Patanjali Yoga to Dubai    

Baba Ramdev, the yoga guru, is conducting a camp in Dubai for the first time in which hundreds of people are expected to participate. Organised at the Airport Expo, Dubai from January 25 to 27, the camp is attracting hundreds of enthusiasts. The renowned yoga exponent has come here after successful workshops in the US, Britain, East Africa and Canada. "More than 8,000 people from across the Middle East are expected to attend the workshop that will focus on yogic postures with the breathing techniques called 'Pranayama', and meditation," organisers said. "My target is to create awareness in the Middle East on yoga and teach people of its benefits. I have a vision to make man healthy through his inner powers. Breathing techniques awaken the inner power and the requirement of chemical, salt and hormone in the body reduces", he was quoted as saying by the local media. "I have helped cure more than 1,000 people of cancer through yoga and pranayama (breathing techniques) over a period of time and have scientific documentation to prove it", Ramdev claimed. The Baba also claimed that people participating in his three-day yoga camp here would "definitely lose 2-4 kilos of weight”. "I do not do any magic or miracle. Neither do I give any false hopes to people. But everyone can see that people who participate in the camp will lose 2-4 kilos in three days", he said. The camp is organised as a part of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF).

Baba 's City : Dehradun
Baba 's Country : INDIA
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