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Veerendra Mishra

(Public & Government Service) INDIA
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My new book release     Trouble viewing? Try the web version. Opt-in Forward to a friend Opt-out News@SAGE COMMUNITY POLICING Misnomer or Fact? Veerendra Mishra Assistant Inspector General of Police, Madhya Pradesh, India Community Policing is a widely discussed philosophy within law enforcement the world over. However, its implementation has remained inadequate either due to the organizational settings of the police or the suspicious approach of the community. This book offers solutions to these problems by analyzing the conceptual variances and factors that impede smooth collaboration between the police and the public. The author discusses the underlying philosophy, governing schools of thought, and the strengths and weaknesses of community policing. He also explains important policing concepts such as Police Syndrome, Tracking Participation Footprint, and Image Dating/Image Mapping. Four case studies from Madhya Pradesh (India) and Timor-Leste help in further elucidating the practical applicability of these concepts. The author negotiates with the idea of allowing civilian participation to become a legitimate means of making the police accountable. He argues that compliance of law must go hand in hand with protecting the fundamental rights of people in order to preserve a liberal democratic society. Contents: Points to Ponder: An Introductory Note The Philosophy and Concept of Community Policing Active Quadruple: Four P?s?Police, Politician, Press, and Public Management Gap: A Hindrance to Participative Policing Police Syndrome Perspective Constraints Police's Opinion about Their Jobs Variables Acting as Hindrance to Participative Policing Benefits of Participation Curative Suggestions to Bring Attitudinal Change in Police CASE STUDIES Communal Violence in Narsinghgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Aftermath Timor-Leste: Partners in Policing Model (PIP MODEL) Coordinated Response to Combat Violence against Women: A Participative Policing Initiative of Madhya Pradesh Police, India Experiences of Timor-Leste (East Timor): Domestic Violence Redressal Forum?A Redressal Mechanism in Timor-Leste For a Better Future Index 2011 | 248 pages | Hardback: 978-81-321-0727-9 Order Your Copy Now!
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