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V S Achuthanandan

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VS: KeralaTerrorism is no answer to fascism     

Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan has said that the twin evils of terrorism and fascism are being promoted by globalisation and economic liberalisation which are part of imperialist expansionism.

Inaugurating the 69th session of the Indian History Congress (IHC) on the Kannur University campus here on Sunday, Achuthanandan said that international terrorism and communal fascism had caused untold miseries and hardships to the world in general and India in particular. Terrorism and communal fascism feed on each other and pose a grave threat to humanity, he said.

The practitioners of both are afraid of the past which upholds humanitarian values nurtured through the interaction of diverse communities over the ages, said the Chief Minister pointing out that this was the reason why the terrorists and communalists were trying to undermine the secular and composite cultural traditions of the past.

The Chief Minister argued that the  on the Buddhist centres in Afghanistan, the demolition of Babri Masjid in India and the US destruction of historical monuments and cultural heritage of Iraq are the visible examples of this attitude in the recent past.

“Terrorism is not an answer to fascism, the answer is democracy”, he said, calling upon the historians to analyse the pros and cons of this issue in detail and evolve a strategy to contain such evils.

The Chief Minister said that globalisation was detrimental not only to the study of social sciences but also to the ideals and values inculcated through its study. The liberal thinkers of the 19th century had glorified history as the unfolding of human freedom, but globalisation had rendered this concept a meaningless myth, he said.

Commenting the role of the IHC in upholding the cherished ideals of secularism and democracy, the Chief Minister said its bold stand and firm conviction had made it singularly unique as a national forum of historians.

Noted historian K N Pancker was installed as the new general president of the IHC. The proposal in this regard was moved by Irfan Habeeb., and seconded by Sabyasaji Battacharjee.

Dr. Rana released the proceedings of the session. A souvenir brought out in connection with the session was released by M Prakasan MLA.

The V K Rajawade Award, the Mohammed Habib Award and prizes for the best papers presented in the previous session of the IHC were distributed at the conference.

IHC secretary B P Sahu presided over the inaugural session. Kannur University Pro Vice-Chancellor Kunhikrishnan welcomed the gathering. C Balan proposed a vote of thanks. As many as 1,500 delegates from all over the country are participating in the three-day –session of the IHC scheduled to conclude on Tuesday.

V 's City : Thiruvananthapuram
V 's Country : INDIA
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