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Baba  Ramdev
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Baba Ramdev

(Academic/Science/Research) Dehradun INDIA
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Baba Ramdev draws large crowds in Britain    

Large numbers of people from across Britain are thronging to the ‘yoga camps’ of the yoga guru Baba Ramdev in London as he teaches the basics of pranayam on his week-long visit to the country.

Baba Ramdev, who enjoys a considerable following among Britain's Asian population through his daily telecast and DVDs, is on a six-day visit during which he is scheduled to hold camps in eight cities.

The largest gathering has been reported from Leicester, which has a large minority of Indian origin. The camp was also attended by Leicester’s Lord Mayor, Manjula Sood.

She said: “Health includes not only the physical body but also spiritual, mental, and self-discipline. Swami's mission and message for the entire world is everyone can achieve a healthy lifestyle through yoga”.

Devotees queued up to register at his camp from early in the morning. People from the US, Canada, India and Africa were among those who enrolled for the Leicester yoga session, which ran from 7 am to 9.30 am.

Speaking at the Guru Panth Prakash Gurdwara, Ramdev said: “Yoga is the way of life. Yoga is an ancient medicine. Make yoga your future, your life”.

Priti Raichura, organiser of the Leicester event, said: “We had a huge turnout. It just shows that there's a real interest out there in people who wanted to learn more about how they can live healthier lives”.

“What was so nice to see was there were people from different backgrounds, all walks of life. We had Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians all coming together to practice these ancient techniques”. 

Baba 's City : Dehradun
Baba 's Country : INDIA
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