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Shahrukh  Khan
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Shahrukh Khan

(Cinema/Entertainment/Fashion) Mumbai INDIA
Power News
SRK rides with real superheroes    Shah Rukh Khan is leaving nothing to chance to make his most ambitious project till date, " RA.One", a success. When in Delhi to promote the film, he charmed his fans at an event organised by Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd at the Reliance Metro Airport line's Shivaji Stadium station. Shah Rukh felicitated the real-life heroes who were chosen by a leading radio station's listeners in Delhi. He praised their selfless contribution in making Delhi a better place, and seemed touched to hear their stories. They included 11 year old Jatin Kathpal, who bravely fought with thieves when he was alone at home, and Kuldeep Singh, who lost his eyes while saving many lives during a bomb blast, to name a few. SRK took a ride on the metro to reach the venue from the airport, and he was accompanied by these real-life heroes. The event was the result of a partnership between RBNL, Eros & Red Chillies Entertainment. Rabe T Iyer, executive vice president, RBNL, said, "This was simply to get Delhi's favourite actor, Shah Rukh Khan, who plays the on-screen superhero G.One, to connect with the real superheroes of Delhi in a unique setting. The meeting place - the super train, a metaphor for the fast-changing world, which needs more superheroes than ever before. Our endeavour was to give a moment to remember to those who indirectly contribute to movie-makers' imaginations." source: TNN
Shahrukh 's City : Mumbai
Shahrukh 's Country : INDIA
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