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Baba  Ramdev
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'soul, mind, body'
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Baba Ramdev

(Academic/Science/Research) Dehradun INDIA
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Baba Ramdev to be Yoga Superman in Comics    Baba Ramdev will be Yoga Superman in Comics Patna-based artist Suman Prasad Mehta has been roped in to prepare the comics of Baba Ramdev. The books will hit the market by October-November-the move has been taken to make yoga popular among younger generation, which is leaning toward western lifestyle-initially, the comic series will be in five parts -- Pranayam-I, Pranayam-II, Yogasan, Paranayam-Sahyogi Asan and Samanya Khanpaan Aur Pranayam-"We are pleased to announce that yoga of Baba Ramdev will be available in comics within a month," said Acharya Balkrishan, the incharge of the Divyayog ashram at Haridwar.
Baba 's City : Dehradun
Baba 's Country : INDIA
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