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Government of Australia
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Government of Australia

(Federal/State Govt. / Local Govt./Govt. Bodies) Canberra AUSTRALIA
Power News
Oz parliament may scrap Lord's prayer    
The speaker of Australia's parliament has called for a public debate about whether the country's lawmakers should end the practice of starting each session with the Lord's Prayer.?

Lawmakers have started every day of parliament with the Christian prayer for more than a century—a tradition inherited from Britain during colonial rule.?

But some are now questioning whether a prayer adopted by the first Australian parliament in 1901 remains relevant in an increasingly secular and religiously diverse nation.?

Dumping the prayer is unlikely to happen any time soon, though, as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull said on Sunday said they wanted to keep the prayer.?

Speaker of the House of Representatives Harry Jenkins told News Ltd newspapers that lawmakers and members of the public had repeatedly raised the issue with him since he took office in February.
Government of Australia 's City : Canberra
Government of Australia 's Country : AUSTRALIA
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