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V S Achuthanandan

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'Achuthanandan's land package a poll gimmick'    
Kerala Chief Miniser V S Achuthanandan had announced the Rs 5,000-crore package for the landless scheduled caste and scheduled tribes with an eye on the Lok Sabha elections, a prominent leader of the SC and ST has alleged.

Speaking to reporters in Kochi on Monday, Punnala Sreekumar, General Convener of Scheduled Caste-Scheduled Tribes Joint Committee and C K Janu, President Adivasi Gothramahasabha, said the package announced by the government for the SCs and STs was only to betray them with an eye on the next Parliament elections.

The current initiative by the government do not honour the sentiments of the SCs and STs who wanted a comprehensive development policy by implementing the second land reforms in the State, he said.

By giving false hope of 3 or 5 cents of land to the adivasis and SCs and STs, the government's ambition to win the Parliament election will not succeed, Sreekumar said.

The government package will not get support from the SCs and STs, he said.

The government will not be able to form a Scheduled Caste policy by holding discussion with the feeder organisations of Left parties alone, he said.

Sreekumar said on December 10 on 'Human Rights Day', a meeting of SCs and STs will be organised at Thrissur and their future plans would be announced.
V 's City : Thiruvananthapuram
V 's Country : INDIA
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