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Government of Denmark
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Government of Denmark

(Federal/State Govt. / Local Govt./Govt. Bodies) Copenhagen DENMARK
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Denmark Government Allows Prostitutes inside Hospitals and Nursing Homes    

Denmark's Welfare Minister Karen Jespersen says Denmark's 98 municipalities are free to let nurses call prostitutes, some lawmakers are stepping up efforts to pull women out of the profession, which has been legal in the country since 1999. ``I don't want to contribute to keeping this industry in business,'' said Mie Bergmann, an elected official with the Social-Liberal Party in Skanderborg, who led a failed vote to end prostitution at Kildegaarden. `In a poll posted last week on the Web site of national broadcaster DR, 46 percent of 1,982 readers said nursing home staff should be able to organize visits by prostitutes, 45 percent were against the practice and 8 percent were undecided. A margin of error wasn't given. Denmark's Society for Women started a campaign in March called ``Take a Position, Man'' urging men to sign up at a Web site to protest against prostitution. So far, 1,887 women and men, including the editor-in-chief of newspaper Politiken Thoeger Seidenfaden, have signed.

Government of Denmark 's City : Copenhagen
Government of Denmark 's Country : DENMARK
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