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Government of Pakistan
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Government of Pakistan

(Federal/State Govt. / Local Govt./Govt. Bodies) Islamabad PAKISTAN
Power News
13 militants killed in clash with security forces in Pakistan    

At least 13 militants were killed in a clash with security forces that erupted when dozens of pro-Taliban fighters attempted to rescue seven persons, including five Arabs, who had been arrested in Pakistan's restive Mohmand tribal region.

The seven men - five Arabs including four Saudi nationals, a Libyan and a local - were detained at Khapakh check post, west of the Mohmand Agency's headquarters of Ghalani, on Wednesday. The Arabs were wearing burqas at the time of their detention.

When troops were taking the detained men to Ghalanai, they were attacked by about 60 militants. The subsequent clash continued for over two hours, an official spokesman said.

Security forces shelled militant positions from Ghalanai with mortars and artillery, killing 13 terrorists while the others escaped.

Two vehicles being used by the militants were destroyed, the spokesman said.

Security personnel brought the body of one militant to the Frontier Corps camp in Ghalanai while the other bodies were taken away by the attackers. The administration sealed all entry points to the tribal region and beefed up security to apprehend the militants responsible for the attack.

Troops also launched a search operation in Mian Mandi bazar.

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