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Mariann Fischer Boel
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Mariann Fischer Boel

(Politician) DENMARK
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Mariann Boel EU Agriculture Commissioner Says CAP needs Capping    

Mariann Fischer Boel EU Agriculture Commissioner says EU's Common Agriculture Policy CAP needs capping and thereby advocates  "Aid" cuts for Europe's big farmers in a statement of far-reaching ramifications for the developing world. The European Agriculture Commissioner, Mariann Fischer Boel, has announced plans to reduce funding for Europe's biggest farmers. Anyone currently receiving more than 100,000 euros (ः71,000) as part of the Single Payment Scheme would have their aid capped. The proposals come as part of a "health check" for the 49.8bn euro (ः35bn) Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Farmers in the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic would be most affected. The commissioner says the Single Payment Scheme which was introduced in 2003 should be simplified. Its original aim was to replace the subsidies linked to the amount of food a farmer produced, a change described as "decoupling". Announcing the proposals, Ms Fischer Boel said the reforms four years ago had modernised the CAP but it was time to move the review forward. 

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