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Government of Pakistan
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Government of Pakistan

(Federal/State Govt. / Local Govt./Govt. Bodies) Islamabad PAKISTAN
Power News
?Pakistan?s nuclear weapons deterred India?     
Pakistan?s possession of nuclear weapons prevented India from attacking that country after the terror strikes in Mumbai and the attack on Parliament, the former army chief, Gen. Shankar Roychowdhury has said.?

?Do nuclear weapons deter? Of course, they do. Pakistan?s nuclear weapons deterred India from attacking that country after the Mumbai strikes,? he told a seminar here on ?Nuclear Risk Reduction and Conflict Resolve.? It was because of Pakistan?s possession of nuclear weapons that India stopped short of a military retaliation following the attack on Parliament in 2001, Gen. Roychowdhury said.?

Stressing the need for nuclear disarmament, he said that in 1988, the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had proposed a 20-year plan for it. Commissioner in the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission Lt. Gen. V.R. Raghavan said Pakistan?s nuclear weapons were in safe hands.?

?By all indications, Pakistan?s nuclear weapons are in safe hands and under tight control. But nobody can say what will happen if the system breaks down.??
Government of Pakistan 's City : Islamabad
Government of Pakistan 's Country : PAKISTAN
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