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Samak  Sundaravej
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Samak Sundaravej

(Politician) THAILAND
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Samak withdraws reinstallation bid    
Samak Sundaravej, who was earlier disqualified as Thailand's prime minister, has decided to give up a bid to be reinstalled for the premiership, after coalition parties voiced opposition against his nomination by his People Power Party (PPP).

Somsak Kietsuranont, a PPP executive member and member of parliament, said that it is understood that PPP leader Samak has decided to decline the party's nomination of him for the premier post, a report by The Nation news website said.

The decision came after fractions of PPP and the other five parties in the coalition government, now a caretaker one, boycotted a parliament voting session scheduled on Friday morning, leading to the abortion of the voting for lack of quorum. The voting to elect a new prime minister has been rescheduled for Sept.17.

Samak was forced to resign from premiership following a Constitution Court verdict on Sept. 9, which found him in breach of the charter for committing "conflict of interests" by hosting two TV cooking shows while in office.

The Cabinet was required to step down too but allowed to stay as a caretaker administration to run the country before a new government head is appointed.

The core ruling party PPP declared on Thursday that it would renominate Samak as the new premier candidate at Friday's voting, and Samak accepted it later.

However, the resolution was met with revolt among its coalition partners and fractions inside the PPP, citing fears that lingering public opposition and pending court cases against Samak might dragon the political impasse.

Samak, who has been besieged by anti-government street protests organized by the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) since May, has not made any public comment on the matter after he left the parliament following the aborted session.

Caretaker Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat, formerly first deputy prime minister, was deemed among PPP's top-listed candidates for the nomination.
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