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Ban Ki Moon
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Ban Ki Moon

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Ban Ki-moon urges developing nations to share experiences     
Warning that developing nations are facing multiple global challenges that threaten to reverse development progress, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged them to share their experiences, policies and technologies to ensure that hard won gains are not lost.?

In a message on the occasion of fifth anniversary of the UN Day for South-South Co-operation, Moon said the worldwide crises in finance, food and climate change call for even greater co-operation among developing countries.?

He also noted that while in previous years countries of the global South had considerable development gains and stressed the need to build on experiences gained through earlier financial crises in Asia and Latin America, and through numerous natural disasters and pandemics.?

Since the 1990s, many developing countries have devised public programmes to improve access by the poor to food, credit, health, education and a host of other essential services in times of crisis, he stated. "South-South co-operation should draw lessons from these programmes to protect vulnerable people today."?

The Secretary-General also pointed out that South-South co-operation can play a significant role in the fight against climate change, which he has called "the quintessential global threat."?

He noted that many developing countries are adopting low-carbon development paths, backed by renewable energy and energy efficiency, and encouraged countries to share these experiences, policies and adaptation technologies.?

At a special event in New York to mark the Day, the Deputy Secretary-General highlighted the crucial role that horizontal cooperation can play in helping attenuate the impact of current challenges.
Ban 's City : Seoul
Ban 's Country : KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
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