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Saddam   Hussein
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Saddam Hussein

(Politician) Iraq
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Saddam Hussein's 'beauty' on sale    

A convertible Rolls Royce of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has gone on sale with a price tag of 185,000 pounds.

The maroon Corniche sports vehicle, reputedly owned by the Iraqi leader, boasts of heated, brown leather seats with red piping, a CD multi-changer and a climate control system. The top-of-the-range car comes with papers confirming its ownership by the tyrannical leader.

According to Steven Brown, the owner of car dealership 'Auto-continental' in UK's Surrey, the car will be shipped from Baghdad to its new home within the next 28 days.

Brown is also hoping to get his hands on a top-of-the-range Maybach Mercedes which Saddam had fitted with 23-carat gold but never got the chance to drive before he was arrested and executed for crimes against humanity in 2006.

"We deal in Rolls Royces so I thought it might be an opportunity to put us on the map," Brown was quoted as saying by The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday. He said an Iraqi friend, who lives in the UK, had bought Saddam's Rolls Royce at a government auction in Baghdad.

The report said before the owner takes possession of the Rolls Royce, it will be refitted with a new stereo to replace the one Brown claims American soldiers removed when they found the car in the basement of Saddam's capital city palace.

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