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Kanchan   Choudhary
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Kanchan Choudhary

(Corporate/Business/Professional) Dehradun INDIA
Power News
Kavita Rai Chaudhary says women empowernmnt is possible through education    

On Tuesday, Kanchan Rai Chaudhary was in Lucknow University to address a session on women foeticide . While interacting with the students in the Institute of Women’s Studies she said that people still consider the girl child as a burden because they have to spend a lot on education and dowry. "This is why the girl child is unwanted in Indian families, which is the basic root of female foeticide as well",  adding, "hence to stop foeticide, we need to tackle other social evils as well."
Kanchan Chaudhary, an IPS officer of the 1973 batch, who later went on to become the director general of police, Uttarakhand, the first woman in the country to hold such a post. A serial is also been made and telecast in the 1980s. It was very popular and inspired lot of girls to become an IPS officer. The lead role was played by by her sister and the eye catchy Surf girl Kavitaji i.e. Kavita Chaudhary.. Kanchan retired in the year 2007 and  is now serving as United Nation's special rapporteur on human rights for UP, Bihar and Haryana.
In her brief but precise 15-minute speech, Chaudhary said that the real empowerment can not be enforced through law or education but from within. Citing her example, she said that students need to introspect, identify their fears and overcome them for real empowerment. "Girls in our society are gripped by lots of fears. Since childhood she is told to be conscious about herself and many restrictions are imposed on her. Men too have fears but most of them are self-centred. I have worked with men who most of the time are busy in manipulations to save their chairs. A society can be changed only by changing an individual. The role of law is only supportive," she said.

 she remembered her days when she was posted as an ASP in Lucknow, and was given a police station in Old City which was considered to be the safest but riots broke out in that particular area. "Initially, I was terrified. It was a fear of being harmed physically. But when I saw that everyone was looking at me for action, I overcame my fear and tackled the situation," she said. Similarly, she added, there were many mental fears which she had to overcome for getting into the services and surviving for 34 years.

Prof Rakesh Chandra, director IWS, said that there has been an alarming drop in the sex ratio. "Today we have 933 women against 1,000 men, whereas in 1901 the ratio was 972."

Kanchan 's City : Dehradun
Kanchan 's Country : INDIA
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