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Government of Australia
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Government of Australia

(Federal/State Govt. / Local Govt./Govt. Bodies) Canberra AUSTRALIA
Power News
Australian team tightlipped, says onus on CA     
Australian cricket team management is updating the security scenario in the country following the low-intensity blast in New Delhi on Saturday.?

Media manager Matthew Slade said in Jaipur the team management has not got any instructions from Cricket Australia and would act only after getting them.?

"I don't have any details of the blasts nor do I think CA would be able to react immediately. They would wait for details. So, I can't say anything now," Slade said.

"If we have to do anything besides the normal security drill we will do only after getting instructions," he added.?

The team's security officer Frank De Massey was, however, seen inspecting round the Sawai Mansingh Stadium ground, where the visiting team is playing against Rajasthan Cricket Academy's Centre of Excellence team.?

He, and Indian liaison officer for the team, were looking into how much distance the seizable crowd of at least 3500 are far from the ground, and how the entrance inside the ground has been manned by security men.?

RCA officials said fullproof security has been given to the visiting team.?

"We have another thorough check of the stadium and the team hotel yesterday. They are satisfied," he said.
Government of Australia 's City : Canberra
Government of Australia 's Country : AUSTRALIA
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