Amar gives ultimatum to Congress on Jamia probe
The Samajwadi Party on Wednesday kept up pressure on the Centre to order a judicial probe into the Jamia Nagar encounter by threatening ‘secular excommunication’ of the Congress if the demand was not met.

?“If there is no judicial probe, it will be difficult for us to share the same dais with Congress,” said SP general secretary Amar Singh.?

The SP, which has been using the issue for projecting itself as the real champion of the minority cause, has made support for its demand as the benchmark for ‘good, secular behaviour’. Amar Singh, who expressed his unhappiness with the government over the issue, said he was still hopeful of an intervention by Sonia Gandhi.?

Although the SP raised the demand for a judicial probe at the last meeting of the Congress-SP co-ordination panel, the Congress refrained from giving any assurance. The Congress has only itself to blame as the pitch was raised by its own leaders like general secretary Digvijay Singh.?

Amar Singh said if the status quo remained, he would seek constitution of a citizens’ panel consisting of eminent legal luminaries to investigate the incident. “A Hindu judge with secular credentials could head the panel and give a report,” he suggested and proposed names like Justice Rajendra Sachar and Justice Srikrishna as members of the panel.?

“I am not talking in favour of Muslims but Hindus. If 20 crore Muslims feel left out, it would not be good for the majority Hindus as the country will progress only if both the communities are involved in the process,” the SP leader added. And in the process, he attempted to suggest that the Congress was not concerned about the sentiments of the minorities.?

Singh, who met a group of Jamia Nagar residents on Monday, told them that since the Lok Sabha elections were due shortly, SP’s withdrawal of support will make no difference..?

Coming back to the demand for a judicial probe, the security establishment is against giving in to the demand from the ‘appeasement lobby’. The anger over the demand from a political class came out in the open when National Security Advisor M K Narayanan said that it was a travesty to describe the encounter at Jamia Nagar as fake.?

He had supported Delhi Police’s claim of having solved the serial blasts that rocked the country last month, saying that it was one case where information flowed shamelessly into the system.?

“The Delhi Police’s claim was hundred per cent true... Whether its Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore or Mumbai, the chain that it (probe) has produced has frightened us...The scale of what is really going on,” the NSA had said.