Bindra: I am quite a loser

Despite his feat of winning India's maiden individual Olympic gold medal, ace marksman Abhinav Bindra says he considers himself a "loser" in life as he has done nothing except shooting at ranges.

"All my life has been shooting. I have done nothing in my life. I am quite a loser. I have done nothing in the past 12 years. I just sleep, run and do nothing except shooting," Bindra told BBC's 'Ek Mulaqat' programme.

"Sport is one part of life. There are so many other things to life but I have done nothing," he added.

The 25-year-old said he was studious child until he caught hold of a rifle and became addicted to taking aims at shooting ranges.

"As a child I was not at all fond of sports. I was a studious kind. But after I started shooting, I hated studies. When I got into a sport, I just couldn't stand studies," the Chandigarh-lad, who won his Olympic gold in the 10m air rifle event said.

Bindra said it has been a tough journey to Olympic glory but hoped that it would become easier for the upcoming athletes due to India's stupendous performance in Beijing, where the country clinched three individual medals.

"You know an athlete's life seems very glamorous that he is going here and there to the Olympics. The other side always looks greener. But I think an athlete's life is very hard. There is so much pressure. It's not all fun and frolic," he said.

"There needs to be a proper system in place. There has to be a vision so that we work towards something and that is lacking unfortunately at the moment. If we start now, then maybe in 10 years time we will get some benefits," he added.