Amar Singh Shifts Position Calls Sonia Leader of Stature

Amar Singh believes in trying new positions. On the one hand he calls Sonia Gandhi a leader of stature and on the other denies she is his friend. As the stalemate between the left and United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government over the Indo-US Civil Nuclear Deal shows no sign of easing, the Samajwadi Party (SP), which holds the key to the survival of the Central Government, is keeping its options open, at least in its public posturing.

A day after SP chief and a key United National Progressive Alliance (UNPA) member Mulayam Singh Yadav indicated a cozying up with the Congress, party leader Amar Singh in an exclusive interview with CNN-IBN said that Congress President Sonia Gandhi was no friend of his.

"I cannot say Sonia Gandhi is my friend. She is the President of a national party. She is a leader of stature. So how can she be my friend? There is a lot of distance between us," Amar Singh said.

On the nuclear deal, Singh said, “The latest position about nuclear deal remains unchanged because we have not engaged in any formal consultations so far. Any matter of consequence, we were not part of UPA. We were kept out. Not a single government functionary, not a single member of the treasury bench or of the UPA has ever discussed with us any thing about it. It is going to be discussed in the UNPA meeting on July 3 then only the situation will be clear.”

He clarified that there was no rift in the relationship between the Left and the SP.