Amar threatened to become 'Shiva's third eye', says Azam

Azam Khan, the Muslim face of Samajwadi Party, on Friday took strong exception to his estranged party colleague Amar Singh's reference about him during an election rally in Lucknow saying that it was laced with threats against him.
"Amar Singh threatened that he would become the third eye of Lord Shiva and destroy me. It clearly indicates his ill will... as it could either be my political destruction or physical one or both," Khan said from Rampur.

"Use of such a derogatory and undignified language in politics also suggests that whatever he is aiming for is below the belt," Khan said adding there was a clear threat to him and his family in his (Amar) speech.

Khan, who has been keeping a low profile in the party, alleged that Amar Singh chose a BJP\RSS-dominated Dhakia village in Shahabad tehsil to spill venom against him and tried every trick to instigate the Hindus residing there.

Over the past several days there have been a flow of people, who claim to be the associates of mafia don Abu Salem, and over 700 so called ulemas both from UP and Maharashtra in Rampur, Khan said