Blank cheque to China for India

after the Barack Obama administration warned Pakistan that it would he held accountable for security along the Pak-Afghan border, 
Pakistan seemed to cosy up to China as its foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi flaunted its "all weather" alliance with China by saying that Islamabad had given a "blank cheque" to Beijing to negotiate on its behalf with India.

Qureshi said he had told Chinese envoy He Yafei, also China's vice-foreign minister, to "go to India and you have a blank cheque from us". He said he had conveyed to Yafei that Islamabad would endorse whatever China told New Delhi on Pakistan's behalf.

The statement, which was made by Qureshi during a reception at the Chinese embassy in Islamabad, has raised question marks over Yafei's visit to India on January 5 because New Delhi has gone out of its way to ensure that China did not act as mediator. Yafei had visited Pakistan on December 29 and wanted to visit New Delhi directly from Islamabad. New Delhi, however, did not allow this, fearing that it would give the impression that China was trying to mediate between the two countries. Yafei later came to New Delhi on January 5 and advised India to continue the dialogue process with Pakistan.

"We have complete trust, mutual understanding and convergence of views on bilateral, regional and international issues," Qureshi said, adding that Pakistan's ties with China would flourish in the days ahead.

There was no official reaction from the foreign ministry in New Delhi, but a senior official said there was no question of China playing mediator and what Qureshi had said was his flight of imagination.